Help Find Maisy and Shannon

maisy3-171x177shannon_small-147x178Maisy Odjick, 16, (left) and Shannon Alexander, 17, (right) went missing from their reserve, Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation (close to Maniwaki and Ottawa) on September 5th, 2008, just days before the Walk4Justice rally hit Ottawa. Numerous First Nations women and men had just walked from Vancouver to Ottawa to raise awareness about violence aganist Indigenous girls and women, and they arrived at parliament with a list of 3000 names of missing and murdered women that they had compiled along the way, only to discover there were two more names to add to the list. The list was presented to the government (one of Harper’s aids), and was accompanied by a call for an inquiry into the many unresolved, uninvestigated, untalked about cases.

Maisy Odjick is about six-feet tall and weighs 119 to 125 pounds. She has short brown hair, a pierced left nostril and two piercings on her lower lip.

Shannon Alexander is five-foot-nine, weighs around 145 pounds and has brown eyes and short, dark-brown hair. She has facial acne, pierced ears and wears a silver necklace with a feather on it.

Despite the fact that both girls’ belongings, including their wallets with money still inside, were left behind, police spent months speculating about whether or not they had run away, and several “sightings” were apparently had in various Ontario towns in recent months. None of these sightings have been confirmed, however, and no real information on either of the girls’ whereabouts has yet been found. Their disappearance is viewed as highly suspicious. Their families continue to worry and live with horrible uncertatinty.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Maisy or Shannon, please call 1-819-449-6000 to contact the band police department.

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