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(français ci-dessous) Thursday, October 4th, 2018 Cabot Square (Atwater Metro) 6pm NO MORE MISSING! NO MORE MURDERED! On October 4th, join us for the 13th Annual Memorial March and Vigil for Missing and Murdered Native Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People in Tiohtiá:ke (Montreal). Too many loved ones have been lost to racist violence. Too many families are grieving. Too many lives have been destroyed by ongoing colonization and genocide. We are fed up with the empty promises, the stalling, and the prioritization of everything except Indigenous lives. Today, in Trudeau’s “compassionate” Canada: • Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirit people continue to be murdered or go missing at alarming rates • the state has yet to pay reparations for genocide, and pays insultingly meagre reparations to 60s scoop and residential school survivors • the state fails to ensure safe drinking water in many Indigenous communities and allows corporations free reign to pollute land, air and water in and around Indigenous communities • perpetrators of anti-Indigenous violence go unpunished • police dismiss murders of Indigenous women, girls and Two-Spirit peoples as suicides, preferring instead to focus their time and resources incarcerating Indigenous people • media and politicians continue to dehumanize Indigenous people • white settlers engage in virulently racist anti-Indigenous speech and action • schools fail to educate students about our colonial history and present, thus ensuring a continuation of racist sentiment and behaviour Addressing these and other issues identified and clearly articulated by generations of Indigenous leaders, advocates and activists would lead to reductions in violence. There are no excuses. We demand action now! SPEAKERS AND PERFORMERS The event will feature speeches and performances by: • Kevin Deer • Jessica Quijano (Iskweu) • Silla • Daybi • Anachnid • Buffalo Hat Singers and more! There will also be time at the end of the march for people in attendance to share their thoughts, stories, songs, poems and performances. Priority will be given to Indigenous folks. This event is co-organized with Iskweu, a project of the Native Women’s Shelter of Montreal/Foyer Pour Femmes that aims to reduce and ultimately eradicate the number of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (including trans and two-spirit) of Quebec. TERRITORIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This event takes place on unceded Indigenous lands. The Kanien’kehá:ka Nation is recognized as the custodian of the lands and waters on which we gather. Tiohtiá:ke/Montreal is historically known as a gathering place for many First Nations. Today, it is home to a diverse population of Indigenous and other peoples. We are honoured to be able to come together to honour the lives of women, girls and Two-Spirit people. Territorial acknowledgement reference: Indigenous Directions Leadership Group...

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