Candlelight Vigil


Although October 4th is the official day for Sisters in Spirit‘s annual vigil to honour and remember the Indigenous women and girls who have either gone missing or been murdered, the second of two very heavy events on March 17th could not simply end without at least a few candles lit, and a little bit of outside air.

After the panel presentation, most of the folks at Atwater Library made their way across the street to Atwater Park (or Cabot Square). There, candles were lit, and words were shared, both tender and very angry.

A few women who were in the park when the vigil began joined in, sharing their personal stories with individuals there. One woman, a Native-African Nova Scotian who had found her way to Montreal was very emotional, repeatedly invoking the name of Anna Mae Aquash.


Irkar Beljaars (organizer) and Bridget Tolley who spoke at the panel.