Get Involved

Attend an Upcoming Event or Meeting.

Come out to the Upcoming Memorial March for Missing and  Murdered Indigenous Women, February 14, 2014, starting at 6pm at Place Emilie Gamelin (Berri Metro, corner Berri & Ste. Catherine). More information here.

If you would like to subscribe to our email list, inquire about our regular meetings, or contact us directly, write to:

Educate Yourself.

Here are some useful sites to stay informed:


Quebec Native Women:

Familiarize yourself with Amnesty International’s Stolen Sisters Report:

Join our Facebook group.

Pay attention to grassroots news sources like and

Share Information.

Share the information you acquire with your friends and networks, or invite a relevant speaker to your community, women’s group, etc. Mentioning your findings in passing may sparks others’ interest and will increase the general public’s knowledge.

Missing Justice (MJ) supports the work of the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s (NWAC’s) Sisters in Spirit Campaign, and shares the goal of reducing ongoing sexual and racial violence against Indigenous women.

If you have any information to share regarding an Indigenous women who has been murdered or is missing, please contact Sisters in Spirit (SIS) campaigners directly, at:

Native Women’s Association of Canada
1292 Wellington St. West
Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A9
Tel: 613-722-3033 ext. 243
Toll-free: 1-800-461-4043

Find out if an October 4 Vigil is happening in your community and, if not, host one.

Since 2005 Sisters in Spirit has held an annual October 4th vigil on Parliament Hill, to remember victims of violence. Communities across Canada are encouraged to host vigils of their own on the same day, working toward a national day of remembrance for missing and murdered Indigenous women.

Engage in Direct Action.

Attend or organize a rally or demonstration in your area.

Contact the Media.

Write letters to the editors of newspapers, comment on TV websites, or call radio chat shows and ask them to prioritize coverage of missing and murdered Indigenous women. Write an article about a particular event, case, or issue and get it published or post it online at

Speak out Against Racism and Sexism.

Speak out when you hear a racist or sexist comment. Find ways to challenge stereotypes of Indigenous people.

Support Women’s Shelters.

Volunteer your time or donate financially to local women’s shelters.