Missing Justice March and Vigil Photos

Missing Justice organized and took part in the 4th Annual Sisters in Spirit Vigil in Montreal on October 4th, the 7-year anniversary of the death of Gladys Tolley. The annual day of action was started by Gladys’ daughter, Bridget Tolley and has become a national demonstration. In it’s inaugural year 11 communities across the country took part. This year, 72 communities took part. This year was the first that Montreal held a March as well as a Vigil. Whereas the aim of the March is to raise awareness, and to draw attention to government inaction and complicity in the problem of missing and murdered Indigenous women, as well as to make the demands themselves loud and clear, the Vigil portion is to remember the hundreds (or thousands, depending who you’re talking to), of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, and to pay respect. Over 250 people came out to march in the post-rain street!